Insurance For Immigrants

Immigrating to USA and planning to take insurance? Indeed very well thought, as medical bills can be very daunting if you are not covered under any insurance coverage. Insurance for Visitors, a premium healthcare system offers wide range of services and coverage plans. As the country beckons you to make it big, medical anxieties should be least of your worries. We take care of you as you live your big American dream.

Those who have recently become Green Card holders may not be able to avail domestic health insurance plans although eventually are able to enjoy immigration benefits. New immigrants or Green Card holders can pick comprehensive policy in the interim and get coverage for injuries or sickness. The coverage may vary from few days to 12 months. New immigrants, parents or green card holders are assured of the medical care from doctors, hospitals under this scheme. We are here to address all your apprehensions and queries regarding medical coverage-

  • Who is entitled to the policy
  • Various options suitable to each individual need